Jennet Humfrye

Portrait of Jennet Humfrye at Eel Marsh House.

Jennet Humfrye (1855 - 16 November 1891) was an unmarried woman who gave birth to a child, Nathaniel. But, because she was unmarried when she became pregnant, she was forced to give her child to her sister. Alice Drablow and her husband, Charles Drablow (who was secretly Nathaniel's birth father) adopted the boy insisting he never knew that Jennet.

was his real mother. Jennet went away for a year; however, she could no longer stay away from the boy, she made an agreement to stay at Eel Marsh House with them. The agreement was that she never reveals her true identitiy to the boy. One day, a pony and trap carrying the boy across the causeway got lost and sank in the marshes, killing all aboard apart from Alice Drablow. Jennet had been watching all of this from a window from the house as she was waiting for him because she had planned to run away with him as they were becoming very close. Jennet was so distraught and heartbroken that she died of a wasteing desease in the house's nursery. Before she died, she wrote 'You Could Have Saved Him' on the wall written in her blood. Jennet came back as an evil, vengeful ghost dressed in black.The locals ,who lived in Crythin Gifford a nearby village, called her 'The Woman in Black'. Whenever she has been seen; anywhere, whenever and whoever by, a child nearby kills themselves as she forces them to. If an adult sees her, their first born child would die.

Jennet Humfrye/The Woman in Black



Played by

Pauline Moran (1989), Liz White (2012)



Cause of death

Hanged herself in the nursery of the Eel Marsh House (Suicide)



The Woman in Black in the Eel Marsh House.


The Woman in Black at the train station.

Normal womanib 2882

The Woman in Black watching the 3 Fisher Girls walking.


The Woman in Black watching the 3 Fisher Girls walking.

Normal womanib 2884

The Woman in Black watching Victoria's death.

Normal womanib 2883

The Woman in Black watching the 3 Fisher Girls walking.

Normal womanib 2881

The Woman in Black watching Nicholas and Keckwick's son walking.

Normal womanib 2885

The Woman in Black watching Victoria's death.

111 in the fire in lucys room the-woman-in-black

The Woman In Black in the basement of Lucy's house.

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